Pictured above in the top row, left to right:  Nancy Cohen - Membership Co-chair and WGC co-founder; Beth Juliano - WGC Co-chair,  Mary Lynn Podolak - WGC Co-chair,  Barbara Knepshield - Grant Research Co-chair, WGC Founding Member, Mo Winograd - Programs Co-chair, Marty Howard - Board Secretary and WGC Founding Member, 

Bottom row left  to right:  Carol Vesce - Grant Evaluation Co-chair, Collette Diegel - Programs Co -chair, Sue Guben - Membership Co-chair, and WGC Co-founder, Karen Biernesser, Historian and WGC Founding Member, Judith Lipnick - Treasurer; Mary Molofsky - Grant Research Co-chair, Carol Horowitz - Grant Evaluation Co-chair.

 Not pictured:  Heather Maier-Claster - Grant Monitoring Co-chair