Each member makes a yearly tax-deductible contribution of $1,100.  Of this amount $1,000 is used for grants, and $100 for administration and operating expenses.  Each member makes the same yearly contribution and each member has an equal vote in the grant awards.

Our operating year is from November - April.  We have one general meeting in the  Fall with a speaker, and one in the Spring at which time we vote on grant awards.  We have five standing committees:  Membership, Program, Grant Research, Grant Evaluation, and Grant Monitoring.  Committee meetings and social activities are scheduled as desired and needed.  A member may be as active as she wishes

We give grants to organizations whose programs promote self-sufficiency for disadvantaged women of all ages and their families in Lee and Collier Counties.  Hands on involvement in every aspect of grant-making provides opportunities for our members to learn about the needs of our community, develop relationships with those on the front line of addressing these needs, and meet and become friends with other women with similar interests.


Non-profit organizations that have been vetted financially by the Community Foundation and researched with a site visit by our Grant Research committee, are invited to submit a grant application by a specific date in December.  The Grant Evaluation committee reviews the applications, conducts an interview session of chosen applicants, and analyzes these potential grantees.  They present their findings and recommendations to the entire membership at a meeting in early April, when votes are tallied and awards determined.  A mid-grant review conducted by the Grant Monitoring committee assures that the grant money is being used as outlined in the grantee's application.  A final report is submitted by each grantee after completion of the program, reviewing the activities performed and how the original goals were achieved, and noting any obstacles that were encountered.


The Women's Giving Circle is a fund of the Community Foundation of Collier County, and a member of the Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network.